Education Infrastructure

School Infrastructure

Spacious Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment- education with finest infrastructure – are crucial elements of learning environments in schools . There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits.

Mother care school provide infrastructure related to educational, physical and friendly environment for overall development of child. There are classrooms with limited numbers of students. Mother care provides learning spaces that support modern teaching practice. Ensure play space at our Mother Care school meets student needs. Incorporate design principles that make our school more environmentally sustainable. Engage with local communities during the planning process for new and upgraded infrastructure

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Education Methodology

The education methodology of Mother Care encourages independent thinking and helps the students in developing holistic perspectives, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skill-sets, and positive attitudes. It has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach consisting of several stages, designed to add significant value to the learners’ understanding in an integrated manner.

Classroom Instruction: Students receive full-time classroom instruction with Lead Platform which will help them to learn and evaluate their understanding of the subjects.

Independent Study: Lead app will give assignment at home which helps students to achieve a prescribed level of knowledge through self-study.

Assignments: Assignments are administered as a part of the practice and evaluation schemes. They are an important component in internal evaluation.

Lab Sessions: Laboratories equipped with facilities for the students of all disciplines to acquire skills for the measurement of various parameters in science and technology.

Language Development Sessions: In addition to technical education, students are provided with language development sessions during the course of their study with Lead School.

Workshops: Workshops for moral values to gain knowledge in different fields.

Projects: Projects attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and academic institutions. They help the students to develop practical work skills.

Evaluation: Student performance in each course will be assessed by means of continuous and internal evaluation throughout the semester. Students will be evaluated on the basis of assignments, seminars, projects, various tests, gradation, quizzes, a final examination and educational field trip conducted at the end of every semester for evaluation and grading.

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What makes us Perfect for your child?

  • Limited strength of students.
  • Airy and Spacious classes.
  • Use of smartboards and 55’’ Smart Television classroom.
  • Special application in lower standard where child will get freedom to explore their creativity and satisfying curiosity by Lead School app.
  • Well trained and highly qualified teaching staff.
  • Skill – based learning where every child is nurtured for the future goals.
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Sports Excellence

  • Providing opportunity for the sport students to achieve their goals worldwide.
  • Special support to the students for imparting education.
  • Celebrate fitness with festivals give our students a chance to celebrate something even if it is physical activities that why Mother Care School have sports week every year.
  • House wise bifurcation of students that can lead them to leadership quality and given students the spirit of team work.
  • All the students of Mother Care School are grouped in three houses.
  • National size skating ring with gmt track by speed skating.
  • Full equipped volleyball court.
  • Perseverance

  • Pre-eminent

  • Peerless 

  • Determination 

  • Outstanding 

  • Supreme

Innovation & Creativity

Thus creativity and innovation should be viewed as an integral part of a holistic approach to education and should be made a part of the educational system. Creative ideas feed the innovation process and improved innovation translates into increased competitivity. Fostering skills related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in education and training will facilitate the strengthening of human resources in a strategic move towards a knowledge society in tune with needs and demands of the society and the world. Creativity and innovation can play an important role in the knowledge society as creativity is conceptualized as a skill for all. It is an ability that everyone can develop and it can therefore be fostered or, likewise, inhabited. Our teachers have the power to unlock the creative and innovative potential of the young. Creativity has been defined as a product or process that shows a balance of originality and value. It is a skill, an ability to make unforeseen connections and to generate new and appropriate ideas.

Holistic Development

Q1. First of all what is holistic education or development?
Ans. Holistic education means physical, Emotional and Psychological well-being of students to develop various skill.
Q2. How does it work on students?
Ans. Holistic education is an attentive method instead of teaching learning method.
Q3. Are the school really providing such education to the students now a days?
Ans. Holistic education is an attentive method instead of teaching learning method. In this we take care about the development of 5 skills :

* Cognitive * Language * Social * Emotional * Physical

In Mother Care School holistic education System proceeds through monthly activities based on personal growth, Social Skills, Emotional Understanding, Intellectual development as well as environmental values.